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12 Reasons Why Society Is Crumbling

More and more people seem to be focused on one thing only these days: The tiny screen they carry and center their lives around. There are crowds of people everywhere with their heads tilted down at their smart phones at all times. Don’t get me wrong, I use mine too, but doing any of this is totally unnecessary.


Socializing at a bar.



A group of high school seniors enjoying their last day before graduation.



Enjoying a priceless summer vacation.




Celebrating their best friend’s engagement.



A romantic dinner.



Taking in the sights at a priceless art exhibit.



Going out for coffee.



At the movies to see RIPD.



Spending quality time together on the weekend.



Those precious moments with your children.



Not technically a smart phone, but another example of society crumbling:


Douchebags, Female douchebags

11 Comments to 12 Reasons Why Society Is Crumbling

  1. You should see the douchebags on bicycles texting & hitting something. Or the dandy that was so intent on his text that he stepped in front of a firetruck with lights & sirens on fully. Both of those take some real brains to accomplish.

  2. Watertender on December 5th, 2013
  3. I agree people and there fucking phones is such a pain in the Ass.

  4. Maverick on December 6th, 2013
  5. It’s pretty sad isn’t it? Im’ one of those people that actually leaves her cell phone in her purse when at a restaurant with family. I don’t use it unless Im’ completely alone and utterly bored. I don’t live for my cellphone. Hopefully one day this stops. PS, I think the last one used to have a penis.

  6. Megan on December 6th, 2013
  7. Megan, I’m afraid the last one still HAS a penis.

  8. Tonto on December 6th, 2013
  9. My friend went to a young childs birthday party & brought a gift. Everyone there, adult & child were on a screen of some sort. 3 hours my friend waited for everyone to get done with what they were doing to finally show some interest in the birthday party. The kid whose birthday it was never did get off the phone, so my friend left.

    All this technology is SOOO annoying!! & Pointless! I hate phones myself.

  10. Retina Burn on December 8th, 2013
  11. Certainly peoples’ phone addictions are way out of control. Just yesterday, I watched some high school student walk straight into a telephone pole because he was texting. There are certainly other indicators for societal decline though: No need to actually remember anything, our collective worship of the trashiest notions of fame, over medication, Lil Wayne, I could go on.

  12. drm on December 8th, 2013
  13. Being able to look at porn at any time , anywhere is something no earlier generation ever in the history of man had the opportunity to enjoy.
    Rejoice in it and give thanks at this special time of year!

  14. snake on December 11th, 2013
  15. I hate all these screens, too. That’s why I can’t wait for Google Glass in 2014! And pretty soon, Google microphone in the ceiling. It’s all leading up to a microchip implant, and I can’t wait until Google or Apple starts selling them. I’m going to line up the day before just so I can be the first kid on my block to get ‘chipped!

  16. Sean on December 12th, 2013
  17. In our family, when we go out to eat together, all our cellphones go facedown on the table in a stack on top of the other. First person to touch the stack to go for their phone to answer or look or anything – even use a calculator for the bill (use your brain! Grab a pen & napkin and figure it out!) pays for the entire bill.

    No one touches their phone and we have a great time without interruption and without some rude idiot staring at their phone every 5 seconds.

  18. Squiffy on December 13th, 2013
  19. Take that first sorry faggot and stick his cellphone and head in the nearest toilet.

  20. Mr Clean on December 14th, 2013
  21. This is why I will only own an old flip phone with no perks only for emergencies or quick questions while I am at the store or if someone needs me to do something while I am out. Other than that if I am not home and it isn’t necessary to talk I will not. I like still having my moments to myself. Why do people need to have their phone act as a security blanket?

    And as for the asses that have to take pictures of their meals at restaurants and let fb know that they are taking a shyt, I hope their phones form a big wart on the side of their head that can’t be removed.

  22. BitchHog on January 11th, 2014

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