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Belt headband



15 Comments to Belt headband

  1. He’s ripping off Vacation, where Chevy Chase is lost in the desert and makes a hat out of his pants.

  2. Ugnaught on September 12th, 2013
  3. The duffus on the left can’t even get his hand sign right.

  4. bubba on September 13th, 2013
  5. Niggers are just people shaped animals.

  6. Rob Nunya on September 13th, 2013
  7. get back on the porch

  8. bullsack on September 13th, 2013
  9. The cast of the new movie Ugly and Uglier

  10. bob the slob on September 13th, 2013
  11. Dude on the left looks totally confused.
    In his head…”What beats scissors again?”

  12. Kelley on September 13th, 2013
  13. The one on the right is action hero ” Super Homeboy”. defender of rappers worldwide.

  14. Chris on September 13th, 2013
  15. Police line up?

  16. loki on September 14th, 2013
  17. The thing on the left is thinking “FUCK….does this camera mean I’m on COPS again??!”

  18. Vad on September 14th, 2013
  19. This is the reaction shot after Jerry Springer told them who is the father.

  20. Succubus' sister-in-law on September 16th, 2013
  21. Brothers perpetrate a lot of fashion atrocities. Homie rockin’ the belt head gear must’ve eaten to many lead paint chips as a child.

  22. drm on September 17th, 2013
  23. The one on da left is thinking, “You mean, dose niggahs are Fucktards and I AIN’T?? Shiiii, mu fu!!”

  24. I eat POOP on September 19th, 2013
  25. The 3 stooges take the hood.

  26. Vet on September 20th, 2013
  27. Why are niggers so stupid?

  28. illini on September 21st, 2013
  29. he probably stole the wrong size belt, and didn’t want it to go to waste

  30. bigdog on September 22nd, 2013

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