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D Bag FAQs

What does ‘dbagging’ mean?
It’s the verb for being a dbag, which is short for douchebag. To learn what a douchebag is, look at the pictures on our blog.

What is “#dbagging” on Twitter?
It’s the Twitter tag for dbagging, to simplify calling someone a douchebag. For example, if one of your friends writes something that makes him/her sound like a dbag, you could re-Tweet their entry and add the tag “#dbagging” — sometimes one word is the best way to get your point across. Another thing to do is describe something that makes someone a dbag, for example: “If you own enough hair gel to lubricate a Panzer tank, you are #dbagging.” This could be something you witnessed, or something you made up.

My friend is a dbag, how do I get him on this website?
Submit your friend’s picture here: Submit – All dbags in pictures must be over 18 years old.

My picture is on this website, can you remove it?
I guess so.


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