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Meet the rapper dating Lebron James’ mom

You’re looking at a 31-year-old rapper (who I’ve never heard of) named Da Real Lambo wearing Lebron James’ championship ring on two fingers. Why, you ask? Because he’s dating Lebron James’ mom and using all of Lebron’s stuff. Here’s his Instagram full of pics of Lebron’s stuff, and here’s the Deadspin post with more. On his Instagram he says that Lebron is his mentor, and there are quite a few comments left asking why he is taking pictures with all of Lebron’s cars, awards, and other belongings.


9 Comments to Meet the rapper dating Lebron James’ mom

  1. Rappers aren’t stupid. The feed the well of empty heads that blindly follow them. By the way, just because your son is a star in the NBA doesn’t mean you have even a modicum of intelligence. I’d wager, that we’ll see this trio on CNBC’s American Greed before too long.

  2. Picklestink on September 4th, 2013
  3. You just know this is being developed into an assisted reality TV show. “Lebron’s Mom’s Gigolo,” Fridays 8/7 central, on A&E.

  4. drm on September 5th, 2013
  5. Because why not? This guy is a genius. By the time he’s done he’ll be as famous as LeBron and probably just as rich.

    This is a reality show just begging to happen.

  6. bean on September 6th, 2013
  7. In 6 months, he’ll just be another angry mud duck. Ya heard me?

  8. I eat POOP on September 6th, 2013
  9. I love all the retards (colloquially, not genetically, speaking)who are congratulating him on his “accomplishments.”

    Way to nail a hideous rich chick for her money. This guy is definitely slo-mo.

  10. AlfaCowboy on September 11th, 2013
  11. Enough of this pseudo-douchebag. He is just a gold-digging asshole, bring on the real douchebags.

  12. Six Pack Genius on September 12th, 2013
  13. Well obviously he is a successful gold digger. Can’t blame him, blame ol’ mud flaps Mamma LeBron. If she wasn’t so dumb she would realize that no one over ten years younger would want your geriatric vagina unless you are on a NBA stars payroll.

  14. bob the slob on September 13th, 2013
  15. No stupid, posing with stuff you didn’t earn doesn’t make you important-you just look like a dickless loser.

  16. Mr Clean on September 27th, 2013
  17. This is why 99.999% of everyone on earth hates rap and rappers.

  18. gclark on March 22nd, 2014

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